Understanding God's will for your Bold Faith commitment


Here is a sample prayer to guide you: “Lord, show me how You want me to be a part of Your kingdom work in Hong Kong. Show me practical ways I can give that will stretch my faith, and provide for Your church.” Remember that God is more concerned about your faith being stretched than the amount that you give.

Remember the biblical principle: “equal sacrifice, not equal gifts”

While some are able to give bigger amounts than others, we truly believe that God is honoured with our unity in sacrifice. Perhaps another way to discern your giving amount to the Lord is not to ask how much you can afford to give but how much you actually need to keep for yourself.

determine what will guide your decision: reason or revelation

Decisions based on reason is the most common way people give to charities. When I give based on reason, I simply look at my finances, determine a “reasonable” amount, and then I donate. It is an act of unselfishness, but it requires no faith, no sacrifice, and therefore limits the opportunity to see God perform a miracle. Reason asks: “What can I afford to give?” But there’s an even better way to give:

Decisions based on revelation require faith and are determined by prayer and a willingness to have your faith stretched. The people of Macedonia were honoured by God because “they gave not only what they could afford, they gave even more than they could afford.”
(2 corinthians 8:3)

understand the difference between a steward and a donor

A donor helps out an organisation by giving. A steward recognises that everything belongs to God and is responsible for managing the resources He has given them.

choose to give as an act of worship

Giving can be a source of frustration if you feel obligated or manipulated. Alternatively it can be a great source of worship if you are able to yield it to God with a sense of delight and trust.

accompany your gift with expectant prayers

Choose in faith to thank God for how your gift will impact many lives in the future. Remember to see your gift as an investment with eternal rewards.

think creatively about how to be involved

Many think they can’t help out significantly, even if they really wanted to. But if you give it some thought, you may be able to give more than you think. Here are some questions to help you think through your possibilities:

  • What difference can my giving to Bold Faith make in my heart and my life?
  • How might my gift change my views towards the needs of people in the city and give me a way to intentionally improve their lives?
  • Am I prepared to be challenged to become more financially disciplined and selfless in response to this vision?
  • What things can I afford or already have but am intentionally choosing to live without because I am committing to give sacrificially? Can I rearrange my financial priorities to better reflect the order of my loves?
  • Am I thinking creatively about a comprehensive giving plan that represents what I am capable of giving? What assets and resources could I use as a gift beyond my income-stream?
  • Do I find myself refreshed by a new joy in giving through this process? How is this commitment reflective of my expression of faith?